About me

My name is Ioana Cretu and I was born in the capital of Romania. There, the cultural influences left a mark on me. In fact, ever since I was a little girl I had a dream of becoming an artist, since I considered art the purest way of sharing my vision of life and the world around me. After finishing the Fine Art high school and attended the Academy of Art in Bucharest, I came to America where I continued following my dream. Over the years, I opened myself toward art and the many forms that it can be represented. Always eager to learn and experience more, I studied many areas and eventually got to work and enjoy the beauty of each one of them - fine art, sculpture, wood crafting, pyrography, product design, logo design, graphic design (corporate and movie), furniture design, photography, typography, and entertainment.

Today, with more than 15-years professional experience behind me, I can take it all and blend it into my artwork. My style is abstract and I chose it especially because I can express myself in so many forms and mediums (watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, pencils, pastels, ink, and charcoal) , while the result can be interpreted in many different ways. While I'm a dedicated mother of 3 wonderful children and working on crafting wooden letters, decorative clocks and doing entertainment (face painting and animal balloons) for parties as Curly Iguana, painting has remained my number one passion. I want to share my vision of life with the world through my pieces, using as many "tools" as possible and combining them for an unique result.

"Her drive to bring a world of color and imagination to people can be seen in her unique pieces, while using an abstract style and forcing the viewer to let their imagination take charge and make up their own stories behind each artwork" - Lavon Art Gallery (www.artgallerylavon.com)


Phone: 732-677-8940
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