Van Wilder II - The rise of Taj

As life brought me back to Romania in 2005 for a full year, I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing team working as a graphic artist for the movie "Van Wilder II - the rise of Taj" - (back then, graphic designer: Ioana Puican). Not only that I had fun creating most of the graphics for the movie (labels, fraternity flags, score boards, book covers and others), but I've met wonderful people, talented artists and was able to see up-close some of the sets getting built from scratch; from a drawing to what you get to see on screen. For me, as an artist and designer, that was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.
Working on-site at Kentauros studios, I was able to visit other studios, see scenes being filmed, meet with some amazing producers, set designers and directors, and even work on other projects.
This was by far an unforgettable experience...